Here for all your needs.

At ProHealth One, we believe in providing excellent service for all your needs. We collaborate with primary care providers to ensure overall health, addiction & counseling services to address patient needs, and consulting experts for any other services. Our network of partners helps us deliver comprehensive and patient-centered care for the best outcomes.

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Why Us

Our clinicians provide bedside debridement to improve healing rates and reduce the need to transport patients offsite for additional care.

Our extensive network of highly‐trained wound clinicians provide the best possible care through consistent week‐to‐week rounds.

We utilize a CMS MDS 3.0 Section M compliant system, to ensure your facility is provided with documentation that exceeds state and federal guidelines.

Our clinicians are available to discuss with patient, legal guardian, and/or PCP the progression of the wound and ongoing care required.

When you become a part of the ProHealth One family, you stay in the family. We currently maintain a retention of over 95%.


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