ProHealth Wound Care doctors, PAs & Nurses are licensed & busy professionals.  As experienced & efficient wound care specialists, ProHealth treats all acute & chronic wounds at LTC facilities including: 







ProHealth wound care treatments include:

  • Nursing home and Hospice wound-care visits each week
  • Negative-pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) 
  • Surgical removal of necrotic & infectious tissues
  • Highly active wound dressings & skin substitutes
  • Vacuum dressing for faster wound healing
  • Best wound care medical devices & technologies
  • Strict adherence to all wound-care medical regulations

ProHealth Health works hard.

Performing as many proactive wound-care measures as possible is one of ProHealth’s aims—yet doing so in the most careful and cost-effective ways.

By taking actionable steps that prevent the risk of pressure wounds, ProHealth enlists Best Practices to combat hard-to-heal wounds. Efficacy in wound-care treatments that bring quality results is what we’re all about at ProHealth Wound Care.

We care for the whole patient.

ProHealth wound doctors come to know your patients as their own. They develop strong collaboration with the direct-care providers at your facility since—on behalf of your residents—you are inviting us into their homes, after all.  We respect this and understand that working with elderly individuals takes a special kind of healthcare provider, one that will treat wound care patients with thoughtful & expert treatment.  

This is ProHealth.